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Simply Food Specials for August

 Morning Tea
Braised Leek, Thyme & Goats Cheese Open Tartlet
Blueberry & Lemon Cupcake


Bread Selection
 Gourmet Wraps filled with -
Tandori Lamb Fillet with Mesclun Leaves,Cucumber & Minted Yighurt
Chicken Breast with Goat's Feta, Salad Greens & Raita
Cheddar Cheese with Grated Carrots, Roasted Red Peppers & Salad Greens

Savoury Selection

 Moroccan Lamb Tagine Pasties

Chicken Mignon Stuffed with
Orange, Pistachio & Cranberry

Ricotta ,Carrot & Haloumi Fritter


Sweet Selection
Orange & Poppy Seed Slice

Morning Tea prices as per our Selecta Menu
Lunch – 4 Items @ $15.40 & 5 Items @ $18.50 Plus GST


Please note: For food safety reasons we cannot deliver food pre-heated. Any items requiring reheating will be on platters that are suitable for conventional oven or microwave.