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Breakfast Catering

If you are looking for breakfast catering options in Wellington, please see our breakfast menu below. Contact us if you have dietary requirements or special requests.   


 Breakfast Menu 

French Butter Croissants with assorted fillings -
Spinach, Egg, Cheese & Tomato / Chicken, Cranberry & Brie
Ham, Cheese & Pineapple / Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Individual Berry Coulis, Plain Yoghurt & Muesli Compote 

Grilled Ciabatta with Smashed Avocado, Cherry Tomato & Feta

Fried French Toast Sandwich filled with Gruyere Cheese & Ham 

Soft White Bread Roll filled with Crispy Bacon, Egg & Cheddar 

Breakfast Filled Vol Au vent

Breakfast on a Stick

Glazed Danish Pastry

Individual Seasonal Fruit Salad Medley 

Fresh Fruit Kebab


Please note: For food safety reasons we cannot deliver food pre-heated. Any items requiring reheating will be on platters that are suitable for conventional oven or microwave.